Airbnb’s phenomenal growth does not scare the traditional hotels

Airbnb is an online hotel distribution network and it seems to be a massive hit across the globe. Despite being a startup company that was found in 2008, Airbnb has grown to be a successful network. There is a noticeable phenomenal growth every year and the CEO seems to be flaunting it. The company also does a lot of campaigns in order to grab more attention from the public and is looking to extend its service. Airbnb poses a serious threat to the private hotels, boutique hotels and you name it, it would slay it! Nowadays, people prefer Airbnb to other private hotels for better and cheaper services. The company allows people to make money off empty apartments, how freaking cool is that? It has also been hit with controversies but people still choose Airbnb for its efficient service.

Airbnb has also been successful with the labor economy by implementing features for business travelers. Many traditional and private hotels target business travelers, but now that Airbnb is targeting the corporate world, the competition is getting tougher. To manage its reputation among the media people, the hotel managers refuse Airbnb being a potential threat. Also, hotels that offer rooms for cheaper prices could face an epic fail if Airbnb provides apartments in the same location. Airbnb does not offer hotels with many facilities as private hotels. The traditional hotels offer loyalty points to its users whereas Airbnb does not really credit its users. But honestly speaking, Airbnb is slowly taking over the hotel management industry, you cannot deny that fact!

Airbnb is a massive hit in London

Airbnb is the largest hotel distribution network and it is very popular around the world. It is one of a kind and has inspired many startups across the globe. The company has achieved an immense growth within a short span of time. Airbnb is widely famous in Europe because it is one of the largest tourists’ attraction spots. England’s capital London has got some gorgeous tourists spots that attract millions of tourists around the world every year. About 11,000 hotels from Airbnb’s listings set up a heavy competition with the “traditional hotels” in London. Many hotels from Airbnb listing cost up to 200 pounds and those traditional hotels are not cheaper than Airbnb’s hotels. A lot of travelers show interest towards the house sharing website due to cheaper rates.

The popular cities of London have got a large number of hotels and most of them are roped in by Airbnb. Brian Chesky is also looking to add more hotels to the listing in order to further expand the service across the globe. As of now, the company targets the corporate world and it promises to offer luxurious features to the business travelers. Airbnb has got huge inventories and currently, it stands first in the competition and the traditional hotels must catch up ASAP! It looks stronger than ever before and shows an amazing growth in London every year. Most of the first time Airbnb users return back to use it again and London could possibly lose its traditional hotels very soon, you may never know!

Airbnb and its community helps out stranded travelers in Paris

Airbnb, the hotel distribution network stepped forward to help the stranded travelers in Paris after the deadly attack that killed more than 120 people. The largest hotel distribution requested its platform’s hosts to share their homes with people after several terrorist attacks that took place on 13th of November, 2015. Airbnb’s response attack service helps people from flooding and fire incidents that take place across the globe. After the brutal attack on Paris, Airbnb announced that it is cooperating with national government officials to reach out to the stranded victims in Paris by offering places to stay safe.
Airbnb housing lists in Paris region had an alert on the “black day” and it offered urgent accommodations to stranded people for free. Airbnb’s disaster response service was launched in order to offer help to people after an emergency state and the service received good feedbacks from people across the globe. It was an instant hit among the ardent Airbnb users as well! In fact, the service gained a lot of fame only after the disaster response’s launch, true that! It has offered a great help to the victims of many natural disasters around the world. The service also uses its network to update the hosts and guests regarding general disaster response information. Therefore, Airbnb has played a major role in reaching out to stranded travelers in Paris. A very big kudos to Airbnb and its kind hearted service platform hosts!

The ‘Super Host’ Program of Airbnb Secures $2m Funding

The home rental startup that announced about its new plan to start a Super host program secured $2m funding from DN capital. Host maker is planning to protest against the uncertainty in the basic service standards across the homes listed in Airbnb by providing Doormans and Housekeepers for hosts.Hostmaker says that this funding system will allow the company to expand its service across other European cities. The service which got started in July 2014 is now operating in Rome, Barcelona and London provides service for more than 5000 guests per month. According to the CEO of hostmaker it is uncertain to book a room in Airbnb without knowing what you are going to get by doing that.

The main aim of the hostmakers is to bring up the Airbnb rentals to a quality place like hotels, but it should not lose the uniqueness of the home style experience. Some investors agree with the new mission of Airbnb and are ready to go with it. Other investors include DSG consumer partners, Avala capital, co-founder of Delivery hero, Middle East Mohit Srivastava and former MD of Airbnb India. Hostmakers provides two options to the hosts of Airbnb.In the first option the hosts can take linen service and premium style housekeeping. Hostmakers also provide peer to peer service giving the entire room in the hands of the guests. According to a new research, it is clear that Airbnb is charging their rentals more than the actual price of traditional hotels.